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Welcome to anyone who has served onboard a Type 42 Destroyer

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Stories about life onboard a T42 Destroyer

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This year we are supporting the  Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity

"With 14 Type 42's Commissioned in the RN. Most 42’s have separate reunions every year. Just thought it would be a good idea to amalgamate everyone in to one T42 Association, for one big reunion every couple of years"
(Bob Mullen )

"The Type 42s and more importantly, the many members of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, who have played their part in a most memorable part of our Navy’s history. Each and every destroyer has its own distinctive history yet the force as a whole has formed the backbone of our nation’s maritime history over the past 40 years. They and their people have fought with honour and distinction in all our major conflicts, and contributed to the success of most of the minor operations since the first Type 42 became operational in the 1970`s. Those who have served in these 14 destroyers have been a true band of brothers."
(Rear Admiral Philip Lawrence Wilcocks CB, DSC)
(Honorary President of the Association).

We have created this site so like minded members of the RN and ex RN can come together and talk about our times serving on these ships.

This years fun run ashore is Saturday the 6th of July at Whale Island.

with; we hope 5000 (Max) 42’ers at HMS Excellent in Portsmouth

To participate please join the T42 Association and you will be able to use the forum and talk to other 42’ers. Also there is lots more information about the T42 Association on the forum.

The cost of membership to the Association is £12 per year. 
Which can be paid via PayPal in the forum or via a bank DD or transfer details also in the forum.

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