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Brum, was my first ship in 1989, a fantastic start to my career. (Big Greg) HMS Birmingham
HMS Birmingham Served on the Sheffield 78 / 80 had three great seasons of Rugby including a monster 5 day rugby tour of South Yorkshire the last day of which was supposed to be a charity event on a Sunday morning  only thing was nobody told the opposition south Yorkshire u 21s ouch. Two midi ship cup finals won one lost one. (we wuz robbed). Great ships co met and made life long friends. Sadly lost a few along the way as well. God bless them all. Then the was the trips to Hull now that a story to be told over a glass of bubbly (Chuckberryr)

I remember being on the Blake in 77 and the Brum was parked in front of us, the fo'c'sle PO said to me, "what do you think of that then George", I said, "it's an ugly looking thing, you won't get me on one of them". Next draft: HMS Newcastle. (George Foster)
HMS Newcastle
HMS Cardiff
(3P MESS) Had some feckin great times on the Cardiff, It was the best ever mess I was in. A right bunch of animals but we all looked out for each other.
I remember when me and Sid Facey was so skint, we borrowed 10p off everyone down the mess and still managed to get ashore and get rat arsed.
Also remember when we were in Gib on the way down South, we all got pished and went to that Moroccan barbers and we all got a number 2 or 3 and you went back and got a number 1, when the Joss saw you he went ape and stopped your leave until it grew back in.
Brigham then put hair dye on your stubble when you was asleep so when it did grow back in you had blond highlights.
Yes Happy Days (Shippy)
What follows is an abridged extract from Four Weeks in May: The Loss of HMS Coventry: A Captain's Story by David Hart Dyke published by Atlantic Books. © David Hart Dyke, 2007:

During the last few hectic weeks of the Falklands War, every man on HMS Coventry realised that the odds of emerging unscathed were stacked against us. We always knew that we might be hit from the air - it was just a question of where the blow would fall, and of how many casualties we would sustain. After all, three British warships had already been sunk and others grievously damaged.

HMS Coventry
HMS Glasgow I am not sure which round the buoy staff sea check was the best, I think the one were MEM Middlemiss was ditching gash bags of the arse end as we sailed into Portland harbour all dressed up was up there lol, perhaps beaten by the skipper stoofing the ship into the jetty (Baz995)

HMS Exeter
HMS Southampton Strange draft for me.
I spent 9 months on the Scummer in Hebburn dockyard in '90/'91.
Great draft but never spent a night on board.
I left to join the Brum , heading to the Gulf , before the RN took over the whole of the Southampton.
Had some great times in Geordie land mind.(Doug)
In the recent Libyan conflict it became the first British Navy ship to return fire in almost 30 years. HMS Liverpool
HMS Nottingham .on Notties first trip South Jan-June 84 we had a great crew, on the way back we stopped in Curaceo and Barbados. A bunch of us from 3Q mess somehow ended up in the oggin on the way back on board in Bridgeton and managed to board the harbour tug 'Barbados'.  Anyhow, we somehow managed to get the massive wooden and brass ship's plaque off the tug (don't know how as we were all sh8ifaced!) we swam with it about 100yds to the Notties quarterdeck and whilst some of the guys kept the gangway staff busy we smuggled it onboard and down the mess.  I rememberr putting in up in the mess square 3 Q starboard (where al the best piss ups were) and it was still there when i drafted off.
The Mighty Manch was my years sea training ship as a baby tiff ( *spit* optional). Joined her in 89/90, she was a great ship to learn the ropes on with some cracking characters on board - you included Bob!
We went to the Gulf and had Christmas in Singers as I recall!
 (Neil M)
HMS Manchester
HMS Edinbourgh So sad to hear Edinburgh is decommissioning next year. Took her from cammel lairds in 1985 to her "home" in rosyth when I was an amc stoker spent 4 fantastic years on her and they finally had to drag me off to go on killicks course in 1989. Great ships company at the  start, and from what I've heard right to the very end also.

First Commission LCA then POCA taking over from Paul Saunders (Sanders)? Growing Spuds in the Vertiflow Shaft
(Terry Beddoes)

HMS Gloucester
HMS York I had just passed my HC course and had returned to Dryad where I was tossing it off in models.
One day I had a visit from some of the crew of York who were doing pre BOST training, I was told I had a draft for York but was not joining till after work up and they wondered if I would like to join early so I could get worked up as well. I tried to explain I had just done my HC course and was brilliant but they didn't believe me.
So off to Rosyth I went.
First deployment was to the Gulf, up and down the straits of Hormuz escorting Tankers which was a bit depressing as we passed several tankers being attacked by Iranian warships and we could not do anything to help them.
Second deployment was back to the Gulf but just after we arrived we were sent to escort The Royal Yot on the Queens visit to China which was nice.
For some reason I decided that I had had enough of the mob and wanted to leave and get a decent job while I was still relatively young, missed most of my terminal leave as they could not find a replacement for me (cos I was special). Am still looking for that elusive good job.
(Bert Boynton)