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Welcome to anyone who has served onboard a Type 42 Destroyer

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Stories about life onboard a T42 Destroyer

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Keeping with tradition
This years fun run ashore is Saturday the 6th of July at Whale Island.
 so start planning for it
If you want a place in the 2019 cenotaph platoon march past please check out the forum and book your space now only 48 spaces
It is with sadness that we have said good bye to the last of our ships as the last one has now left for the breakers yard SEPT 2015. The sun has set on the type 42 but they live on in our memoryies and hearts and with
the T42A we will
remember them.

After each committee meeting the minutes will NOW be published on the forum

We have appointed a new Association President
Rear Admiral Philip Lawrence Wilcocks CB, DSC

We have appointed a new Association Honorary Vice President
   Commodore R Farrington CBE
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