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Welcome to anyone who has served onboard a Type 42 Destroyer

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Stories about life onboard a T42 Destroyer

  Fate of the ships
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This year we are supporting the  Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity

To join the association click on this link
Forum       and join the forum.

 In the forum go to your profile above the main forum. On the left panel look for actions in that section click on paid subscriptions and follow the instructions.

Alternatively go to this link http://t42.firstmiles.co.uk/t42/index.php  click on subscriptions or pay  via standing order to our bank account or use a cheque or cash  and pay it in to a Barclay bank branch near you. Bank details are in the Forum   you have to be a full forum member to view these details  if you are not a full member you can  PM a committee member (Bob, Shab,Dave Morris & Dean Pullom )

screen shots on how to pay

The cost is 12 per year per member
This is very comparitive to other associations of this type

What will you get for this

Membership to the full forum. (None full members have a restricted view)
Membership discount on production of the membership card. This is been introduced as outlets agree the more members = more discount
In 2013 we will have a reunion and full members will get cheaper tickets
We will donate some money to a charity. This year it will be the RN and RM charity see above
We are also looking at helping members in distress (if we can)

The list is growing as the association is growing so keep checking this page