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Welcome to anyone who has served onboard a Type 42 Destroyer

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Stories about life onboard a T42 Destroyer

  Fate of the ships  
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At the moment none of the class will be kept in any form but there is a save H.M.S Edinburgh E-petition as a museum in Leith next to the Royal Yacht Britanniaso please visit the site and help in any way you can. It is not just for the city of Edinburgh but the whole country.

Royal Navy
Batch 1
Pennant Name Commissioned Home port Status
D80 Sheffield 16 February 1975 Portsmouth Sunk in Falklands War 4 May 1982

D86 Birmingham 3 December 1976 Portsmouth Decommissioned  31 December 1999       
Now scrapped in  October 2000

D88 Glasgow 25 May 1977 Portsmouth Decommissioned  1 February 2005
Now scrapped in December 2008

D87 Newcastle 23 March 1978 Portsmouth Decommissioned  1 February 2005
Now scrapped in November 2008

D118 Coventry 20 October 1978 Portsmouth Sunk in Falklands War 25 May 1982

D108 Cardiff 24 September 1979 Portsmouth Decommissioned  14 july 2005
Now scrapped in November 2008

Batch 2
D89 Exeter 18 September 1980 Portsmouth Decommissioned 27 May 2009
Now scrapped in  September 2011

D90 Southampton 31 October 1981 Portsmouth Decommissioned 12 February 2009
Now scrapped in October 2011

D92 Liverpool 9 July 1982 Portsmouth Decommissioned 30 March 2012
Now scrapped
D91 Nottingham 8 April 1983 Portsmouth Decommissioned 11 February 2010
Now scrapped in October 2011

Batch 3
D95 Manchester 16 December 1982 Portsmouth Decommissioned 24 February 2011
Now scrapped
D98 York 9 August 1985 Portsmouth Decommissioned  27 September 2012

Now scrapped
D96 Gloucester 11 September 1985 Portsmouth Decommissioned 30 June 2011
Now scrapped
D97 Edinburgh 17 December 1985 Portsmouth THE LAST SERVING  OF THE 42`S
Decommissioned  6 June 2013
Now scrapped

Armada Republica Argentina
B-52 Hércules 12 July 1976 Puerto Belgrano Last seen on its side in Harbour

D2 Santísima Trinidad 1 July 1981 Puerto Belgrano Uncrewed and awaiting disposal on its portside LOL  Last seen on its side

This is the end of 

38 Years 3 Months and 21 Days of service

to the nation of a very proud class of ship and its crews.

But the memories live on with all the men and women that have served in these ships whether we loved or hated them.